Sunday, December 7, 2014


My daughter, Sayaka Alessandra, and I decided to make sushi. Here are the sushi chefs at work. It's not the sushi you find in Japanese restaurants, we made the homestyle sushi....called NORIMAKI.

Sayaka mixing the rice with  salt, sugar, and  rice vinegar)

Showing off her kimono

Tasting the sushi rice
Toasting the nori

The ingredients:  sushi rice, nori, tamago-yaki (Japanese omelette made with dashi, sugar, mirin (sweet sake)  soy sauce);   (carrots simmered in mirin, sugar and soy sauce; tuna mixed with mayonnaise; fresh cucumbers

Me rolling  up the Norimaki

Me cutting the Norimaki

The finished sushi. Picture by my  friend from Tuscany,  photographer Samuele Russo.


  1. Very Nice and Yummy looking. I have never had this, however, would be willing to try. Beautiful Photos.

  2. I'm not a sushi fan but home made and without the tuna would be ok for me, I guess. What, you were not wearing a kimono?!

  3. Che bontà! Bellissimo anche il kimono!

  4. Wow I never try doing Sushi at home will love to you guys did amazing delicious job. I love sushi also loving the kimono.

  5. Francesca, We've never made Sushi at home although I like it and my wife really likes it. Very pretty kimono! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. Mmmmmmm! yummy sushi! and you two look divine, Sayaka's kimono is beautiful x x x

  7. wow, I love sushi!!!

  8. What fun! Bet it was great and love the kimono! Buon Natale.